World's Greatest Cruises


More than any other way to travel, cruising is as much about the journey as the destination.

Veteran travel journalist and TV producer Lynn Elmhirst fell in love with cruising early in her career:

  • The spectacular scenery and perspective from the water;
  • Cruise travel’s romantic traditions and lifestyle;
  • The authenticity of exploring the world by water, retracing historic routes of many of the world’s great cultures that grew up from the water;
  • Fascinating ships and people on the seas, and
  • Innovations and change-makers that have transformed cruise ships and travel.

As an award-winning travel journalist and bon vivant, for years, Lynn’s been searching out the stories and people that bring intriguing ships and cruise destinations to vivid life.

In World’s Greatest Cruises, she:

  • Shares nautical traditions, behind the scenes ship operations, cruise travel insights and tips;
  • Gets insights into life at sea for ship’s officers and crew;
  • Taps into trends, from expedition cruising to immersive experiences;
  • In ports of call around the world, meets Makers and artisans, food and wine/spirits chefs and producers, nature lovers, experts in local culture and history – all eager to share their passion and expertise with World’s Greatest Cruises viewers.

Season 1

Season 1 was produced during the pandemic’s cruising ‘dry spell.’ Lynn delved into her library of footage from pre-pandemic cruises.

In 10, half-hour episodes, Lynn cruises along rivers, coastlines, waterways and open seas to destinations from Europe to Alaska, Canada to the Caribbean, North and South America.

Lynn brings a unique perspective to this program dedicated to what makes cruising so special. World’s Greatest Cruises will enthral armchair travelers, cruise lovers, and cruise ‘curious’ travelers alike!

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