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Are Cruise Ship Subs Safe? I Just Got Back From Filming on One, and This is What I Know

When five people in a submersible recently died in the pursuit of Titanic tourism, there was an immediate reverberation through the cruise world. I know, because my film crew and I...

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This Cruise Will Give you Front-Row Seats to Baja’s 2024 Solar Eclipse

Imagine the wonder of a solar eclipse at sea, with no lights from land dimming the spectacle of the astronomical wonder in the skies overhead, with the waves lapping at...

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Antarctic Cruise Tragedies Remind us 'Why' We Take Expedition Cruises

It is the remoteness, the wildness, the challenges of experiencing that raw environment - that draw us to expedition cruises. Expedition cruise travelers must understand that to have the reward...

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First Cruise Ever to Reach the North Pole

It's an historic date for cruise travel. On July 13, 2022, for the first time ever, guests on a cruise ship have traveled to the northern-most point of the Earth's...

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