This Cruise Ship Has Just Installed a Slide Right into the Sea

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This Cruise Ship Has Just Installed a Slide Right into the Sea
One small ship cruise line is making it easy for you to rediscover your inner child on your next voyage. SeaDream Yacht Club has installed a water activity that's becoming trendy on private yachts, but is the first of its kind on a small cruise ship: a 24-foot inflatable slide from the SeaDream II's pool deck... 20 feet down and into the seas below.

SeaDream II's sister mega-yacht SeaDream I is also getting its own inflatable slide in the coming months as well.

The twin vessels sail guests through the turquoise waters of the Caribbean from November through April, and the azure seas of the Mediterranean between May and October. Both destinations are coveted marine playgrounds, and the new water slides will allow guests to get up even closer to the waters they sail en route to exclusive and compelling ports where only private yachts and small ships like SeaDream's can reach.

The new slide isn't the only 'toy' that lets guests on the mega-yachts enjoy the stunning waters of their voyage. You can also enjoy water sports from the small ship's retractable marina.

With the mega-yachts hosting only about a hundred guests in an inclusive lifestyle with nearly as many staff as guests, with week- or two-week long, relaxed itineraries crafted to feature overnight stays in some of the world's most exclusive ports and harbors so you can wander off for an evening in St. Tropez in the Mediterranean or St. Barths in the Caribbean, a SeaDream voyage is as close to a private yachting adventure as a cruise line can come.

If you're not slipping into the sea from the pool deck on SeaDream's new slide while the small ship is at anchor in a quiet cove, you could be dining al fresco or in the salon, relaxing by the pool, sunning or lounging on an expansive open deck, or enjoying a spa treatment, playing a round of golf in a golf simulator or taking a mountain bike ashore and exploring the port of call.

It's an intimate way to explore some of the maritime jewels of the world's favorite sailing and cruising destinations that mega-ships can't reach.

By: Lynn Elmhirst Producer and Host, World's Greatest Cruises

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Image courtesy of SeaDream Yacht Club.

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