Episode 7: Going 'Dutch' in the Caribbean

It’s a tropical cruise in the Caribbean – Dutch style! In this episode of World’s Greatest Cruises, Lynn Elmhirst sails on board a Holland America Line ship that connects the dots between Dutch history and New York, the former ‘New Amsterdam.’

We sail from South Florida to the Eastern Caribbean, beginning with a tour of the National historic neighborhood of Art Deco, mid-century modern, and contemporary architecture that makes Miami so unique.

And in this very international city, we get a taste of a uniquely local – and sustainable! Seafood delicacy.

Calling in port at the Dutch Caribbean island of St. Maarten,we take a shore excursion that gets us off the ship – and onto real, pedigreed America’s Cup racing yachts for a bit of friendly sailing competition.

Onboard, we go behind the scenes to see just what it takes to operate a cruise ship at sea. From the 24-hour bakery that goes through 400 pounds of flour daily, to the laundry room that recycles the ship’s water for environmentally-friendly cleanliness, we get hands on to appreciate the crew’s hard work!

Then, it’s all indulgence on the cruise line’s private island, where we ride horses in the sun and the surf, and toast the day from a private cabana.

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