Is a Luxury Expedition Cruise Right for You? Busting the Myths of One of Cruising’s Hottest Trends

Luxury expedition cruising is one of the fastest-growing trends in cruising - but who really sails on these voyages?
World's Greatest Cruises' Lynn Elmhirst sat down with Seabourn's Jen Martin, who leads the team creating the ultra-luxury cruise line's expedition cruise experiences.
Lynn and Jen discuss who is the perfect luxury expedition cruise traveler. We dispel some myths about who is taking luxury expedition cruises – and it might help you figure out whether YOU belong on a small-ship, luxury expedition cruise.
WHO is expedition cruising? That’s one of the most common questions cruise travelers and non-cruise travelers ask about this growing cruise travel trend.
·     Are they only for young travelers? Or maybe older cruisers?
·     Do you have to be super-fit?
·     How about solo travelers?
·     Who are the guests who get the most from a luxury expedition cruise?
·     Are they best for people who are ok ‘roughing it’ a bit?
·     How about dedicated luxury cruise travelers?
·     Can I take an expedition cruise if I worry about seasickness on a small ship?
·     What about cruising experience? Are they best for seasoned cruise travelers?
·     How about people who have never taken a cruise at all? Are expedition cruises a good way to ‘dip your toe in the water,’ so to speak?
We answer all your questions about whether a luxury expedition cruise is right for you – or maybe if it’s right for some people who you’d like to convince to take a cruise with you!
If you’ve been wondering if you’d feel at home among the 250 guests on a Seabourn expedition cruise anywhere in the world, this video may help you decide if you’re a match for luxury expedition cruising.
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