Sneak Peak at Season 2: The Only Kennels at Sea!

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Sneak Peak at Season 2: The Only Kennels at Sea!
Who wants to leave man's best friend at home while you sail the world? If you're making a transatlantic crossing on Cunard's flagship Queen Mary 2 between New York and Southampton or Europe, you don't have to.

The Queen Mary 2 has the only kennels at sea, and when World's Greatest Cruises filmed on board during our own transatlantic crossing from New York and England, we got to meet the kennel master and also some of his very special charges.

Although some other cruise lines permit service dogs, British luxury cruise line Cunard's kennels are for anyone's four-legged friends. Both dogs and cats can be accommodated, and the kennels are licensed to shore requirements.

The tradition harkens back to the historic line's earliest days, I was told, when milk cows were kept on board to ensure first-class guests had fresh milk for their tea on their crossings between the Old and the New Worlds.

We've all watched enough British period dramas to know that Englishmen love their dogs more than most people! There's that old quip about an upper class English girl being expected to keep a stiff upper lip when daddy dies - but she's permitted to shed a tea when the family lab passes away. The British upper classes couldn't be expected to visit America without their favorite dog! Or horses, or cats... And Cunard ensured these animal guests were just as pampered as their owners.

A walk around the ship's historic photography collection reveals a number of famous members of royalty, aristocracy, political and entertainment worlds aboard their cruise with their precious pets.

Today's four-legged Cunard kennel residents, we discover, are equally spoiled, with hand-made food, the loving attention of the kennel master and his staff, Queen Mary 2-branded doggie jackets, and daily visits with their owners in the fresh air on the top deck kennel run.

Don't miss meeting the kennel master and some of the four-legged guests on the Queen Mary 2 - coming up in Season 2 of World's Greatest Cruises!

By: Lynn Elmhirst Producer and Host, World's Greatest Cruises

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