Episode 10: Danube History and Innovation

In this episode of World’s Greatest Cruises, we discover the culture and the history of some of the countries along the fabled Danube river.

Lynn Elmhirst meets keepers of cultural flames – and gets hand on continuing traditions – of some of the great cultural experiences of Germany, Austria and Hungary.

AmaWaterways arranges for us to meet an abbot who shares the secrets of a tremendous, 3-part organ with us – and explains why its music is still relevant today.

We visit a ‘museum of the future’ in Linz, Austria, where science, technology and art converge in fascinating projects that could change the way we live.

Only by river cruise do we have front-row seats to the epic scenery ofAustria’s Wachau valley, sailing along a very special 20 miles of river, as it passes through steep hillsides covered in vineyards, with mediaeval castles and villages perched on strategic outposts.It’s interactive culture, where we soak in the scenery on the top deck, while sipping on a local wine cocktail and snacking on a Wachau valley delicacy served by the ship’s crew.

In Austria’s capital, we get a glimpse of why Vienna’s more than a baroque living museum. And in Hungary’s capital, we explore both banks of the Danube to learn about the now-united Buda and Pest both contribute to the rich character of the city.

We dive deep into Hungary’s equestrian traditions at a horse park near Budapest, where we meet a Hungarian ‘cowboy’ and Lynn tries her hand at Hungarian-style horsemanship.

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