Episode 2: Alaska Seafood & Wildlife

It’s a coastal cruise to America’s Last Frontier!We sail along the coast of Alaska for its north pacific seaside scenery, wild life sightings… and seafood treats!

In this episode of World’s Greatest Cruises, Lynn Elmhirst cruises north to Alaska from Vancouver on a Regent Seven Seas Cruise along the Inside Passage that gives us the best views of Pacific Northwest’s cool climate rainforest – and its most endearing inhabitants on land and sea.

We sail into one small Alaskan coastal community after another, from Ketchikan to Juneau and beyond. Where wildlife encounters and celebrations await.

We go on a safari – Alaska style! On a quest to spot Alaska’s Big Three: whales, bears and otters. We also sail close to a mythical-looking island bird sanctuary, learn how to estimate how many tons a whale weighs… and find out why otters can float indefinitely on the water without the support of body fat.

We drop into a lodge where we get to see small-scale crab catching… then follow the tasty crustaceans from crab pot in the sea, to cooking pot, to our plates in a local crab feast.

And we ‘meet’ the animal who is the official cruise greeter of the state capital.

On board our ship, we participate in shipboard traditions and cook up some local salmon with a chef.


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